Hotel Arnika Wellness

Aesthetic treatments in Fassa Valley: the Dolomites makes you beautiful

Enhance your natural beauty

The Beauty Center of Hotel Arnika Wellness provides many treatments for your skin: face treatments for him and for her, aesthetic facilities, peeling and beauty packages.  

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Face Treatments

Cellular Recereation

80 Minutes

Skin analysis, eyebrow correction, deep face cleaning with small cups, special serum, face massage and intensive mask.


Intensive Bio Lifting 

110 Minutes

Skin analysis, eyebrow correction, stimulating lifting, hot herb compresses, peeling, deep face cleaning with small cups, special serum, lifting massage and intensive mask. 

Power Lifting for Man

50 Minutes

Skin analysis, stimulating massage, hot compresses peeling, deep face cleaning, special serum and intensive mask.



Body Treatments

Alpine Compresses

25 Minutes / 50 Minutes + partial massage

  • Depurating bath with alpine mud
  • Curative compresses with calendola flowers and chamomille
  • Detox compresses with thyme and swiss pine
  • Compress fir sport with arnica and hypericum
  • Deep relax compress with juniper and hay flowers
  • Vital compress with mountain pine and scotch pine
  • antiaging compress with wine seeds and sebuckhorn
  • Compress with mud
  • Apple and wild rose hydration
  • Compress of evening star oil
  • Compress with seaweed


Body Scrub with Apricot Seed and Hay Extracts

25 Minutes

Delicate and effective with hay extracts and minced apricot seeds, which purifies your skin deeply.

Peeling with Salt, Oil and Aroma

25 Minutes

Complete body peeling, which fosters skin renovation, leaving a fresh sensation.

Hay Peeling

25 Minutes

For a shiny and brughter skin with a revitalising effect. 

Waxing and Manicure/Pedicure


  • Complete;
  • Half Leg;
  • Arms and Armpits;
  • Bikini;
  • Whiskers or Eyebrows;
  • Back or Chest.  


50 Minutes

Take care of your hands




A cuddle for your feet:

  • Complete Pedicure;
  • Aesthetic Pedicure. 



Beauty Center Opening Hours: from 9 alle 12 a.m. and from 3 to 7:30 p.m. Reservations to be made at the Reception.

Massages are recommended both before and after a visit to our wonderful Spa "La Dolce Vita".

A Massage as Present

Require your customised voucher for your loved ones to be spent during your stay!

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