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Motor bike on San Pellegrino Pass

San Pellegrino Pass is undoubtedly the ideal starting point for an enjoyable trip by motor bike, to know the Unesco Patrimony from a close distance. There are many tours possible, example starting from Hotel Arnika, descending towards Falcade, taking Valles on the right, going down Rolle you arrive in San Martino di Castrozza.

Why not visit the Val di Fassa on two wheels? From San Pellegrino Pass going down towards Moena you can pass the entire valley, Soraga ,Vigo di Fassa, Pozza di Fassa, Canazei to return to the base by climbing the Fedaia, that is at the foot of the queen of the Dolomites which will take you to Rocca Pietro, to arrive then in Caprile, Alleghe, Cencenighe and then on the right towards Falcade and San Pellegrino Pass.

Dolomiti Ducati Tour, it passes Val di Fassa every year is certainly an important appointment and opportunity for motor bike lovers to discover the enchanting and splendid beauty of the most beautiful mountain by motor bike.

For motor bike friends Hotel Arnika in San Pellegrino Pass has a big, covered garage where they can leave their motor in safety and comfort.

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