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Summer on the San Pellegrino Pass

Summer in Val di Fassa and San Pellegrino Pass

Summer in Val di Fassa and San Pellegrino Pass is the ideal season to venture amongst the foot paths and woods of the valley and, why not reach the top of the most beautiful mountain in the world well-known not just by chance as a Natural Heritage of humanity.

One of the most impressive pass of the whole Dolomites arch is San Pellegrino, which offers the possibility to practice every type of sport, ranging from dangerous rock climbing to peaceful walks along the foot paths, admiring the changing natural surrounding beauty finally arriving at a mountain hut, discovering the traditions of the valley and pastures.

For two–wheel lovers, bicycle riders and motor bikers, San Pellegrino Pass is undoubtedly the ideal departure point for every type of venture. The curves of the most famous dolomite passes are preferred by bikers from all over Europe.

On the other hand the cyclists friends can have the opportunity to compete together with the protagonist of Giro d’Italia or other different pedal events such as the Marcialonga cycling, a stupendous Gran Fondo in two versions of race, 80 km. in the light variant and 135km. in the more difficult race, adapted for the more expert.

Adjacent to the Hotel Arnika is a shop which hires out bikes during the entire summer period, for those who wish to pedal in the midst of the foot paths and woods of San Pellegrino without having to bring the bicycle from home.

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