Hotel Arnika Wellness

There is a wellness spa in the hotel for your relaxation

Wellness spa and beauty: everything you could wish for during your holiday in Val di Fassa

The Arnika Hotel Staff tries always to wonder its guests and with the new SPA Arnika it reaches the goal! The new Wellness Area, planned in order to exalt the body and mind wellness, is ideal after a skiing day on the magnificent ski slopes of the district “Tre Valli”.

The guest finds a wide range of choices: the water well with its water at 10°, really useful after the Turkish Bath; the Bio-sauna totally built in fir wood and with a temperature of 65° and its humidity rate of 40%; the Roman Sauna with a pleasant temperature of 50° and a slight humidity that soften your skin and purify your skin tissues; the Finnish Sauna totally built in arolla wood and hot stones with a temperature of 90° and a humidity rate of 10°; the Steam Bath with a temperature of 45°, together with a humidity of 98% , perfect to rend your body a general sensation of comfort; and finally the salt cave, perfect for adult and children with its water at 34°.

The Arnika SPA offers also a selection of emotional showers to accentuate the wellness effect of the steam area. Cold and warm water jets together with an equatorial shower, a Tirolo session and the aromatic fog.

Wellness spa for the children too

Another feature which is designed for the wellbeing of our guests, and also suitable for children, is the salt cave where you can relax and immerse yourself in a truly unique atmosphere.


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Herbal teas

An area where you can relax both before and after the sauna. A great way to replenish lost fluids is to enjoy a herbal or fruit tea.

Relaxation Area

Comfy loungers in a quiet, relaxed environment to complete your spa experience. Here you can unwind for a while after using the saunas and other rooms at the Hotel Arnika Wellness.



"Laconicum” Roman Sauna 45°

This sauna has a lower temperature than the Finnish sauna and is ideal to get the body used to the classic sauna. As your body sweats, the toxins are gently eliminated. You can stay in the sauna for 35-40 minutes. Afterwards a cold shower is recommended followed by a rest in the relaxation area. You will instantly feel healthy and well.

“Sanarium” Bio Sauna 65°

The bio sauna is a hot steam room which balances your PH, moisturises and cleanses the skin. It is a humid environment, ideal for people who cannot stand the high temperatures of the Finnish sauna. It recreates the same conditions as the hay bath and you can stay in here for a long time: up to 35/40 minutes. Great for strengthening the immune system, it stimulates the circulation, leaving the skin clean, soft and smooth. You must remember to replace the lost liquids when you finish.

Finnish Sauna 85°

This is the classic type of sauna. The temperature is high and a cold shower is necessary before entering. During the first phase, the air is dry and you must not stay in here for longer than 10-15 minutes. Then you come out and take a cold shower before going back inside and humidifying the air by pouring water onto the hot stones. You can stay in here for another 15 minutes and when you come out take another cold shower and relax on the loungers in the relaxation area.

Turkish Bath 45°

This is a steam room where the temperature reaches a maximum of 45° and the humidity reaches 90%. The blood vessels dilate, improving the circulation in all parts of the body. The steam encourages plenty of sweating which helps to eliminate toxins. The skin will be more elastic and smooth. Afterwards a cold shower is recommended followed by a rest in the relaxation area.

Salt Cave 32°

Surrounded by pure mineral salt, you can enjoy a microclimate which is very similar to being at the coast or in a salt mine. The temperature and humidity help to reduce lung disease. It is suitable for everyone, including children, the elderly and pregnant women. A 45-minute session improves psychological wellbeing, cleanses the respiratory system and helps you to relax.


Cold Water Bucket

A fast way to cool off immediately after the sauna is to throw cold water onto your body. The thermal shock is not recommended for people who suffer from high or low blood pressure.

Kneipp Walkway

You can walk along stones while jets of cold water stimulate your blood circulation. Also great for strengthening the immune system.

Sensory shower with cold eucalyptus mist

Low lighting, silence and a pleasant eucalyptus aroma immediately help you to breathe more easily. The cold water flows onto the skin. Ideally recommended for use after the Finnish sauna.

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