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Massages in Fassa Valley: pure wellness just for you

Beauty treatments and wellness packages in the Dolomites

Hotel Arnika Wellness provides a huge variety of massages that you can enjoy after a long day spent on the stunning slopes or routes of the San Pellegrino Pass.

"Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live." Jim Rohn 

Your Beauty Partner Vitalis Dr. Joseph

Your best beauty ally is right here in our Beauty Center: the line of natural cosmetics Vitalis Dr. Joseph comes directly from South Tyrol and is made with only natural raw materials such as roots and herbs. Vitalis Dr Joseph products, as well as being used in massages and treatments, can be purchased at our beauty center. What better way if you do not continue your beauty path at home?

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Choose the cuddle that suits you best



Personalised Aroma-massage

25/50 Minutes

Your personal ritual The massage techniques, combined together with an oil chosen by you, stimulate the muscles and make your skin more elastic and full of energy.



Tibet Massage

50 Minutes

Perfect for venous and lymphatic stasis, constructures, poisoning and stress. The cotton compresses are filled with Dead Sea Salt, stones of Himalaya, active ingfredients, natural and parfumed oil. The compresses are heated for a sport massage, activating your circulation, draining and pirifying.

Face Massage with Wild Rose

25 Minutes

Created to stimulate the circulation, to reinforce the tissues and to alleviate problems connected with stress. The wild rose oils is well-known for its unbelievable effects on scars, pigmentation spots and wrinkles. 


 Alpine Massages

Antiaging with grape seeds and seabuckhorn

25/50 Minutes

Grape seeds and seebuckhorn are a perfect cocktail of vitamins. Enjoy a wonderful antioxidant effect. 

Calendola and chamomille

25/50 Minutes

Perfect for stressed skin. A beauty relaxing and stimulating massage with active ingredients of two flowers.

Thyme and Swiss Pine

25/50 Minutes

The wild thyme and the extracts of Swiss pine purify your body. Enjoy a deep regeneration, that gives your body a new freshness. 

Fit Muscles with Arnica and Hypericum

25/50 Minutes

A sport massage, great to relieve muscolar stres after a sport session. Perfect for athletes, both beginners and experts!

Apple and Wild Rose Freshness

25/50 Minutes

A particular treatment for dry and mature skin. A beauty massage that gives your body vitality and freshness, due to active principles of apple and wild rose.

Pure Vitality with Mountain Pine and Scotch Pine

25/50 Minutes

This massage purifies your entire body, while favouring blood circulation and giving your skin a healthier appearance.

Beauty Center Opening Hours: from 9 alle 12 a.m. and from 3 to 7:30 p.m. Reservations to be made at the Reception.

Massages are recommended both before and after a visit to our wonderful Spa "La Dolce Vita".

A Massage as Present

Require your customised voucher for your loved ones to be spent during your stay!



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